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Corporal Mya

This feature includes two full features of Miss Mya busting out all her favorite booty and body blistering tools and toys.

Letting Loose - Miss Mya is excited to finally have Bart join her so that this chick can do a deep corporal scene. Too often this chick has to hold back coz her slaves and submissive just do not have what it takes to endure real chastisement. Bart has been around and his skin is like leather so Miss Mya gets to brush the dust off some of her most aggressive dungeon tools. this chick swings a variety of paddles, canes and whips on Bart's back, booty, thighs and even the soles of his feet. With every blow that this chick swings Miss Mya gets herself a little hotter and becomes more and more eager to fuck Bart's booty. His body is left red hawt, glowing and welted. Mya, satisfied with her work, is now ready to have some more erotic fun with her beaten boy toy!

Journey of Many Implements - The perfection that is Miss Mya loves corporal chastisement. this chick loves when a thrall gives over not only his body but also his mind. this chick has a thrall bound up and bent over and this chick is going to take him on a ride using all kinds of fun dungeon toys to find out what he has to offer in the way of submission. He is warmed up with a strap and the flogger and then this oriental goddess really begins to have fun moving from crop to quirt and beating not only his booty and back but all the way up and down his legs and getting the sensitive soles of his feet. This thrall's will is tested but Mya has captivated his mind and he endures for her through a paddling, a rubber club beating and finally his first caning. Mya start him off with a chubby one but it still packs a punch when this chick swings it with two hands. this chick works him down to a nasty little cane and leaves him bright red and throbbing with marks to have a fun for weeks to come.

Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies

Asa Loves Girls

Asa Akira is a potent power to be reckoned with. Continuing in Sweetheart's tradition of selecting the biggest names in adult lesbo entertainment, we've highlighted the incomparable and insatiable Asa Akira for our latest Loves gals series. Asa's passion and commitment to bearing her body and soul on camera is never greater than in those four scenes with Asa's friends and co-workers. Featuring Jayden Cole, Celeste Star, Katsuni, and London Keyes, each gal takes Asa on a different adventure in feminine romance. Always with real sex and real orgasms and shot in top quality HD, this is sure to be a number one for any Asa Akira fan.

Studio: Sweetheart Video

Stars: Katsuni, Celeste Star, Asa Akira, London Keyes

Miss Mya POV

Goddess Mya is exciting cbt and strap-on action. Be the lucky subject and watch through his eyes as Mya uses you as her play thing. Leather Boy - This POV movie shows the wickedly seductive and aggressive temptress Miss Mya between the legs of her bound down leather boy. this chick knees his balls and pulls out his dick to see what surprise he has for her. this chick yanks hard on his shaft and digs her nails into the head of his dick. this chick removes his belt and wallet chain and wraps them delicate around his dick and pulls. With this pants off Mya lubes up his dick and strokes him hard teasing the head of his dick with her lips and pressing it between the consummate cheeks of her delicious booty. this chick laughs as the thrall’s grunts in desire and bucks his hips as this chick teases and denies him. Then this chick shoves sounds down his dick as this chick copulates his hole and jacks off his dick with the cold shaft of iron penetrating his dick. Next this chick binds his dick and balls delicate and this chick squeezes, whacks and bites his dick and balls. this chick uses the needle sharp wartenberg pinwheel and digs it into the head, shaft and balls of her leather boy as this chick rolls it all over his dick. this chick then puts her knee on his balls and rests her full weight on the thrall’s testicles. this chick stands on his balls with her foot and crushes his balls with her fingers before finally dripping hawt wax all over this thrall’s worked over dick.

Strap-on Date - Miss Mya comes back from a vanilla date and has taken her escort upstairs into her apartment telling him this chick wants to have more fun. He is thinking he is going to fuck this hawt oriental goddess as this chick lays him back and pulls out his dick and then this chick shows him her surprise. Mya has a nice large strap-on under her dress and this chick strokes her large dick and tells her date how this chick is going to fuck him deep and bounce her balls off his booty. this chick checks his booty vagina delighted to find out this chick is fucking a virgin. this chick tells him how good this chick is going to fuck him as this chick lube up her dick and then this chick lines up the head and sinks it deep into his booty. Mya’s date moans as he gets booty fucked for the first time with her large dick splitting his booty vagina open. this chick loves how he gets so hard with her dick deep inside him and this chick strokes his dick as this chick works her dick in him. Her abs look amazing as this chick pumps away using his dick as a handle to pull herself deep into his booty and then this chick smacks his dick as this chick really begins to fuck him hard. This guy is moaning away as Miss Mya holds his legs spread wide so this chick can really fuck him good. this chick leans in close so this chick can look in his eyes as this chick turns out another straight guy and makes him now crave the dick of the true goddess, Miss Mya!

Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies

Asian Anal Addiction (Disc 1)

I can’t get enough of oriental booty! I’ve got a serious oriental Anal Addiction. There’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful oriental gal with a large round booty. Watch as London Keyes, Katsuni and Sharon Lee show off their curves, get their butts seriously licked, and then take a huge thick dick right up their dumper. It’s all right in your face for some glorious POV anal sex.

Studio: Mike Adriano Media

Stars: Katsuni, Mike Adriano, London Keyes

Teens Of Japan Vol. 1

Maiko presents "Teens Of Japan Vol. 1", starring Sae Aihara, Yuma Yoneyama, Chinatsu Ogata and Chika Matsura. Get ready to see some hawt Japanese teens have fun! those teenage beauties have no inhibitions, they love sucking dick and getting fucked. We give them vibrators and Hitachi's to get them soaking wet before pounding their delicate holes.

Studio: Maiko

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